Mike Giovinazzo

Mike's photographic journey spans 4 decades. He has a wealth of experience and insights, from initial shoot planning to post processing. He no longer just “takes” images, he “creates” them.

Joining his 1st camera club over 40 years ago, Mike was immediately encouraged when he started winning photographic awards in local and CAPA competitions.

One of the guest speakers at that camera club was a pro who outlined the realities of running a photography business. This resonated with Mike who had started down the road to weddings, portraits and events. He then realized photography as a career might kill the magic spark; so he refocused his photography as an avid hobby and artistic pursuit.

He says: “At first taking great images, winning awards and getting ribbons was fun and motivating. Today my joy and passion for the art is fueled by seeing others looking and feeling beautiful”.  Shoots are planned with a specific vision where the model, props, location, wardrobe, make-up etc. have all been considered in advance. He focuses on doing fashion shoots, glamour, fitness and creative projects for the fun and challenge.

A born mentor and teacher Mike focuses on sharing his passion and experience with others. He supports several local camera clubs in various capacities and also runs a huge Ottawa-based photo interest group that has grown to over 2700 members under his leadership.

This super successful group is known as the Ottawa Photography MEETUP group in Ottawa
It is run as a non-profit where the community is treated to a steady stream of creative events. 

Via his Meetup Group(s) Mike, hosts a wide range of photographic opportunities for photographers of all skill levels. These ongoing collaborations give local Ottawa photographers an opportunity to expand their expertise and perfect their art. 
PLUS ... Models, Stylists, Designers, MUAs also benefit since the cost of their services are shared by the photo community making it win-win for everyone.  The results are really fun and amazing...

Mike's greatest reward is seeing photographers grow in skill and confidence; sharing beautiful work that he realizes they likely could not have achieved without his support and guidance.

“It is encouraging to see many images from my Meetup events in magazines, social media and on people's personal sites."  Mike says, “While these pictures were taken at local workshops I organized, it represents the work and skill of attending photographers, models and the rest of the creative team. Congratulations to all. Keep those amazing images coming.”

On a personal note, I'm retired and photography is my pass time and passion. When not doing that I'm building sets for the Kanata Theater, helping our Community Association or spending family time which is a priority.  My wife and I are very close , enjoy travel and looking forward to our 50th wedding anniversary soon.  We have two children, long married and speed tons of time with our five grandkids. 

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